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Age of Stupid Film Show Ardross

posted 11 Jan 2010, 04:37 by Anne Thomas   [ updated 5 Feb 2010, 03:10 ]

The Film Age of Stupid was Screened in Ardross on 28th January. We sold 20 tickets and covered our costs.

We had lots of positive feedback. (see below)


The hard-hitting film from McLibel director Franny Armstrong was very powerful

 About the Film

The Age Of Stupid dramatises a future where the warnings of climate

change were not heeded.

Oscar nominated Pete Postlethwaite, who starred in Brassed Off and In

the Name of the Father, plays a global archivist living in 2055. He

takes audiences back through news clips and personal docu-stories from

2004 - 2008 wondering why we didn't stop global warming when we had a



“The stakes are very, very high,” Mr Postlethwaite said. “They really

are through the roof. So when I looked at the subject and what the

film is trying to do, there was no option really, I had to do it.”


The worldwide premiere of the Age of Stupid in September attracted

mass audiences across six continents and the film has been nominated

for a string of awards, including best documentary at the British

Independent Film Awards.

After the screening we will had an open discussion which will give people a chance to air their thoughts on the film and find out more about acting locally on the issues raised and asked people to fill in feedback forms.

See also the Age of Stupid website and links there to the 10:10 campaign. (Saving 10% of our Carbon Emissions in 2010).  Friends of the Earth Scotland have a showing licence for Age of Stupid for a year so let me know if you have a group you'd like us to show it to.
We're hoping to have another film show soon at Ardross.

Responses to 'What will I do?'

Several people mentioned using the car less.
Perhaps linking up local people so that they can car share or using websites such as would help this. Maybe also writing to bus companies to ask them to improve their service and working out how to make use of the public transport service available possibly by doing part of the journey by car.

Other suggestions

  • use less energy at home
  • don't buy packaged food (local food challenge about to be launched by Transition Black Isle
  • write letters to oil companies and parliament
  • encourage more offshore wind farms and waver power farms
  • Change starts within- helping myself and others to achieve this
  • find out how to compost cooked food   (see for advice)
  • grow food again- (Transition Black Isle are hoping to run courses this year for those wanting to learn how to grow their own in our climate. Contact if you're interested)
  • recycling
  • energy saving
  • get people to wake up and change their lifestyle
  • buy less consumables
  • use less electrical goods
  • Educate my children to re-cycle and remind them how lucky they are so they should learn to care for others especially when there is an earthquake like Haiti.
Question Are earthquakes caused by global warming?

Answer.There seems to be some evidence for increased geological activity generally due to climate change as melting ice and increase in weight in seas re-distributes weight on the earth's crust. Last time there was a major warming millions of years ago there were more earthquakes etc. but the particular one in Haiti had been expected for 250 years as its right on the fault line. Haiti has been severely over-populated so that it was an environmental disaster even before the earth-quake compared with its neighbour the Dominican Republic as they cut down a lot of the trees for firewood and then the soil got washed away and this will no doubt have exacerbated the effects of the earthquake. Lets hope it is re-built in a more sustainable way. Friends of the Earth have a team there and have been asking for donations.

Responses to 'what should the community do?'

  • Use more solar panelling
  • share cars
  • campaign for better public transport
  • eco activities with children
  • plant trees