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The Energy Crunch

posted 11 Jan 2010, 04:35 by Anne Thomas
Charles Kennedy MP and energy campaigner Mandy Meikle will be the
special guests at ‘Energy Crunch’ at Fortrose Town Hall next Saturday
(16 January) from 11am to 12:30pm.  
During the free event Dr Meikle will outline some of the challenges
posed by peak oil - the point at which global oil production reaches a
maximum and availability begins to decline.
“People are increasingly becoming aware of the urgent need to cut
carbon dioxide to combat man-made climate change,” explained Dr
Meikle. “The other side of the coin, which is less frequently
highlighted, is that we cannot carry on burning fossil fuels at an
ever increasing rate because, quite simply, we do not have enough.
“It’s not about oil and gas running out as such, but we have to
prepare for the day when supply fails to meet demand - and that day
may be sooner than we think. We cannot continue to believe that
perpetual growth can carry on while vital resources are becoming
“Energy costs are going  to soar,” Dr Meikle added. “And if energy
costs rise, the price of everything rises - not just heat and
electricity but transport, construction and food. We have to prepare
for the coming energy crisis. Transition Towns are one of the few
movements to actually understand the impacts of peak oil and climate
Mr Kennedy, the Liberal Democrat MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber,
said: "After the year we've just had, and in the midst of a prolonged
cold snap, the huge importance of energy in our day-to-day lives has
rarely been more apparent.
"Rural communities and the rural economy are potentially very
vulnerable to long term upward trends in energy prices.  It is both
morally and practically urgent that we find ways to lower our reliance
on fossil fuels.   
“Transition Black Isle is doing excellent work bringing this issue to
the heart of public debate, so that people in Ross and Cromarty can
have an active role in understanding the challenges we face and
finding answers for our future."
There will be a chance to quiz the speakers and Transition Black Isle
energy convener Martin Sherring during an open questions and answers
session, and audience members are invited to stay on for a chat and
£2.50 lunch, including soup and home baking.
For further information see or e-mail: