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Business Recycling Survey

Chris Scatchard conducted and is conducting a survey of businesses in Inverness to find out what they do about recycling.
If you are a local business we would like to hear what you currently recycle and what you would like to be able to recycle. Please fill in this questionnaire and email back to the address on 'contacts'.
The questionnaire can be found here.

Summary of Business Recycling Survey to date (28/10/2008)

This survey was never going to be, nor was it designed to be, the definitive answer to business recycling in Inverness and Ross, it’s aim was to highlight problem areas so that we can best target our efforts and resources to realistic campaigns to the benefit of local businesses and our planets resources.

It has also given us a good indication of the support we are likely to receive from the business community.
Of about 60 businesses in Inverness city centre and one retail park 48 businesses volunteered to fill in the survey and many openly discussed the problems they have with recycling and waste removal.

Q1 is your recyclable business waste removed by the local council 31% yes

Q2 is your recyclable business waste removed by a local contractor 52% yes

Q3 do you or your staff take your business recycling waste to the local recycling facility 37% yes

NOTE- businesses who, through the survey have indicated that they do not recycle any recyclable business waste 10%

Q4 other than council business rates, do you pay extra for removal of your recyclable business waste 46% yes

Q5 if your business waste is not recycled, would you or your staff be prepared to separate your recyclable business waste for collection 79% yes

Q6 which of the following recyclable items would you like to see collected by the council

Cardboard 77%

Tins and Cans 54%

Jars and Bottles 56%

Plastics 67%

Comments made by businesses in Inverness regarding recycling

1, We are interested and open to all areas of recycling.

2, We’ve never been asked to recycle our waste before.

3, More needs to be done for industrial waste and also provision of bins/containers for separating waste.

4, Staff and I could get use to recycling all waste if provided with bins and collection times.

5, Collection of strip lights – many offices/shops have them but there is no method for disposal except landfill.

6, We have a need for glass bottle recycling, no storage space so it would have to be regular collection.

7, I would like to see our local council do as much for recycling as other towns and cities.

8, As a company we are charged to recycle which costs too much, we ideally need to have 3 collections a week which is unfeasible, we also should have bins for separating recycling provided for in store use.

9, We would like the plastic milk bottles uplifted as well to be recycled.

10, I take my card recycling daily because we have no storage area at this business.

11, We need to do more, I do not believe the council have the capacity to do everything, I personally feel the responsibility to do what I can.

12, Staff do not recycle waste at present, but some staff would be prepared to recycle if sufficient bins are provided.

13, No facilities by council for “WEEE” take back, even though I have paid to join approved “WEEE” take back scheme.

14. Staff waste is the only area we can look at, the company remove the rest to warehouse.

15, Shop rubbish is dealt with via head office at warehouse but our staff and shop front rubbish goes in to landfill.

16,Staff waste is just put in bins with waste from rented vehicles like tins, bottles and papers.

17, At present all recyclable items go back to our warehouse.

18, Keep us informed of FOES local events and meetings.

19, I move my recyclable waste to my home in Aviemore and recycle it there.
Daniel Thomas,
11 Nov 2008, 15:17